Hi, I’m Joel

UX Designer with a not-so-secret love affair with beautiful book design.


My Skills

UI/UX Design

Problem solver who thinks critically about user experiences, and designs thoughtfully with a love for minimal aesthetics that create a lasting impact with a strong focus on accessibility for all users.

Team Collaboration

Defining the problem, identifying the scope and finally, organizing the design roadmap to bring out 100% of every project.

Software & OS

Proficient in a wide variety of programs including but not limited to: Figma, Sketch, XD, Principle, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom. Very knowledgeable on Mac, Windows, IOS and Android operating systems.

About Me

UX designer at Sharechest by day, working on exciting side projects by night.

Graduated from York Sheridan Design Β πŸŽ“
Obsessed with my dog Arlo πŸ•
Big fan of hardcore music and collecting records 🎡
Wannabe professional home cook 🍳

I'm Arlo IΒ love going on walks, playing with other dogs and getting attention from any and all humans

Playing in the snow
Napping in the sun
Begging for food at dinner time

Important Opinions

Dogs sleep in the bed. 🐢
Lunch is the best meal because it's acceptable to eat both breakfast and dinner foods. πŸ•›
Dr Pepper is the best type of soda and she is a woman. πŸ₯€

New York bagels > Montreal bagels (unless you are in Montreal and thinking of hiring me, then disregard this slander.) πŸ₯―
Burgers should be considered a food group. πŸ”

Olives are truly the most disgusting thing on the planet (unless you are an olive and thinking of hiring me, then disregard this slander.) 🀒

Apparently, most of my opinions are food-related. πŸ•πŸœ