At Home

At Home

At Home is a cookbook that combines my passions of design, food, and photography together into a beautiful publication that showcases the recipes I cook, eat, and want to share. Designed through autumn 2020, this project had even more importance to me than normal, since I wasn't able to able to get together with my friends or family for over half a year. This project served as something that everyone who knows me was excited for, and made it incredibly easy to share recipes with them after they asked for the recipe from seeing one too many of my delicious meals in my Instagram stories.


I wanted this book to be personal to me, and use as much original content as possible: my own photography, writing and recipes I love and make often. I also wanted this book to be constructed with a high-end feel to it. It was important to me that this book would make sense seeing it on either my own bookshelf, or on the shelf of a bookstore. and finally I wanted to create a project that the people who know me would think is exciting. My friends and family know my passion for food, and this is the project I have had the most people ask me about and be interested in through all of my schooling.


The result

Combining my passion for cooking, design and photography I created a cookbook of personal recipes in a beautiful, approachable and useful way.

What’s next?