Creating Authentic Culinary Experiences.

During my initial research, I found an article about the most authentic Italian food at a restaurant in Korea. The article discussed how at the end of the meal it wasn't the same experience as actually being in Italy. This led me on a journey of "what is an authentic experience?" and a mission to create a product that leads to truly authentic experiences and new views of the local cuisine and culture of a region.


My solution to this was to create Local, an application designed to connect people with places and produce the most authentic experiences possible using food and drink as its backbone. Local allows users to find experiences they may have never experienced otherwise. The overall minimal aesthetic with beautiful bright imagery creates an eye-catching look with great features, such as travel guides built into the app that suggest places to go, while also promoting users to book experiences with local hosts. Along with the travel guides, users also have an in-app passport allowing them to collect fun and unique stamps that list where they've been and what they've done. The passport feature creates a fun way to share their completed experiences with others while also marketing the application.


The main function of Local is these experiences hosted by verified users. These can consist of anything based around culinary tradition, from joining a home-cooked meal to going out fishing for a day. When a user books experiences, they earn stamps to show off in their passport, which is shareable with friends who can tap through and see where they went while on vacation! Travel guides allow our users to find the best places they’re visiting with in-depth guides of all culinary and cultural aspects of a city. These guides are curated in an effort to push users to the best places a city has to offer, but also recommend users to book nearby experiences.


Connecting people with places by creating unique and authentic travel experiences through the culinary world

The result

Local marketing is based around influencers and sponsorships, with a strong social media presence and a referral program. The program offers rewards for both signing up and getting friends to join, in an effort to get Local installed and used by as many people as possible. Another aspect is the passport and stamps, where users collect stamps for experiences and can directly share their passport to friends or social media.

What’s next?