Volunteam exists to connect necessary volunteers with disasters and keep them connected at all times. Our team found in our research that the most important aspect of disaster relief was organization and having the correct roles filled to reduce oversaturation of certain people leading to confusion, and ultimately disorganization. With this in mind, we came up with a solution that lets pre-qualified volunteers be recruited (similar to a job board) to ensure the most effective response teams would be utilized. Once matched, Volunteam keeps the teams connected and safe with in-app messaging and GPS tracking in case a volunteer goes missing and needs rescuing.


Our team was tasked to research and find a problem area on the general topic of "volunteering" we discovered that in disaster situations the most important aspect to relief is having organization and qualified volunteers.


This entire project we focused on user testing constantly to ensure that this application was streamlined and simple to use for all types of users across multiple devices. We aimed to have an aesthetic that both looked good but also used calm colours in order to keep calmness while using the app as it is meant to be used in a stressful situation. Our team completed these tasks while keeping our user experience at the forefront; volunteering attracts a very wide demographic of people, so we designed and user-tested constantly to achieve a goal of great usability that is easy for all of our users, while still maintaining a refined minimal aesthetic that looks great. ‍


instantly connecting pre-qualified volunteers with the people and places where they're needed most.

The result

This application was designed with team collaboration in mind, we built our foundation on keeping volunteers connected at all times.

What’s next?